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Marje Porter is a multi-book author who finds inspiration in the stories of the men and women who settled in this great country during the turn of the century. Her IN TIME SERIES of historical romance books capture the history of the old west and chronicle the losses, struggles, and victories of those who lived and loved during the Gold Rush Era. 

"Keep on Ridin'"

Marje Porter, Author - Caring for Horse

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Amid the Colorado mountains, Porter finds inspiration in the love of family and life’s experiences to write stories of men and women who settled in this great country. Whether riding, sitting by a campfire, or looking across a mist-covered mountain, she feels you can hear the old west spirit echoing across the land. The characters she creates speak to the reader in ways that cannot be ignored, and her deep commitment to her craft is evident in the stories she writes.

Porter’s tagline Romancing the Spirit of the Old West and her frequently used catchphrase, “Keep on ridin’,” lend to the depth and dedication she puts into every story she writes. The characters she creates speak to her in ways that cannot be shrugged off or ignored. Her deep commitment to capturing emotion paired with accurate historical details is evident in her IN TIME SERIES of historical romances.

“My ‘keep on ridin’ tagline mirrors a life of determination, grit, and even sheer stubbornness and is a simple way to summarize how I live every day,” Porter shared. “I’ve been a rancher all my life, and it fits the trials, tribulations, and the against-all-odds way of life. Because what do you have if you quit or stop? Nothing. You need to rise up, face a challenge, beat it, accept it, move on, and keep on ridin.'”

This determination also translates into her love of writing. Porter shared that she spends weeks, even months, researching to ensure an accurate depiction of periods in time with accompanying historical facts fill the pages of her books. Despite the hours upon hours of sometimes tedious work, she views this part of her writing practice as a labor of love. It also serves as a baseline of fact-driven inspiration that helps to create moving and powerful stories of Old West life.

“History is one of my passions,” she noted. “In my ranching lifestyle, I not only feel the history in the surrounding vast country, but I also live the history. So much of it parallels my life. If my heroine falls off a cliff, you can bet I came close a time or two myself! I write what I live with a little embellishment for flair.”

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