Deceptive Hearts -- Marje Porter

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Desperation is not a choice for Vanessa Adams. When her stepmother forces her to go through with her late father's arranged marriage to an old man, Horace Taylor, for financial gain, Vanessa knows she must fight back by any means possible.

On her wedding night, Vanessa runs away, but is soon captured by river pirates. Not since before the civil war has a gang of pirates threatened the safety of river transportation.

A rescue by Captain Nicholas Bertram leads her into a tangled web of lies, love, and deceit.

Deceptive Hearts is a story of a strong-willed woman seeking independence at any cost with a man whose love is tested beyond his endurance and control.


Sweet Serenity -- Marje Porter

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Once in a lifetime comes the chance to know someone beyond love and desire. But can a soul reach from eternity and reunite with a forbidden and cheated love?
In 1887, during a full harvest moon, a baby is born, and two lovers die at the same moment. 

Over a hundred years after her death, Rebecca Connors uses her powerful love and strong desire to bring her lover, Frank Dodd, to her side. She is limited in connecting with Frank and she involves her multi-generation grandson, Cody Connors, and the love of his life, Allie Anders.

For over a century Frank’s trapped spirit has searched for his lost love at the Connors’ homestead. For years, he harassed tenants and threw fits about his unfair predicament--never understanding his entrapment in Becky’s house. A force surrounding the house keeps him a prisoner in her house. He is a ghost haunting her house but haunted by memories. He finds no answers until the feisty Allie Anders moves in and changes the old Victorian house into a bed and breakfast inn.

Allison Anders is guided by a dream and an undeniable urge to return to her small hometown, Pineridge, Colorado. The Connors homestead is the perfect setting in the Rocky Mountains for her new business despite facing the cowboy who broke her heart.

Cody Connors knows what he wants and he wants Allie back in his life. When she left town, she took his heart. Her engagement to rich boy, Robert Morrison, III, tore his love to pieces. Allie is home and he must find a way to win her trust and love that he once destroyed.

Scandal, murder, mystery, and haunting test the relationship of Cody and Allison as they fight another realm.


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TIES - Up next

A western historical romance in the late 1800's during the Cripple Creek, Colorado boom and bust era. Three sisters separated after their mother’s death. Ten years later, three women reunited with ties in life that are sometimes broken but seldom forgotten.

            Alaina-bound to a promise.
            Emma-haunted by a secret.
            Grace--young with a rebel spirit before her time.

Restless hearts lead to misbehavin' women.

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Desperation leads to bold actions and troubled consequences….

After the death of her father, Katherine Malone must save her family ranch. When an unexpected opportunity arises, she takes advantage of Lucas Blair’s vulnerable state and tricks him into marriage. But her impulsive plan backfires when Lucas, as her husband, claims ownership to her ranch. Legalities created by a ruthless lawyer force the couple to fight back to back, not only to save the ranch, but their lives as well.