Topsy Turvy

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Women from the Past
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What a topsy turvy kind of day. Got stuff done but not goal oriented and I’m too tired right now to think. I’m amazed at the women of yesteryear and what stamina they had to just get up and get dressed in all the layers of feminine garb and put in a full day’s demands to survive not to mention styling the long luxurious tresses into a fashionable and out of the way updo. Once again an inspirational pic on the board to imagine their life, emotions, trials and tribulations compared to my life. I can roll out of bed, pull on jeans, boots, slip into a t shirt, stuff my hair under a cap and go out for the day for almost any occasion with today’s ease and conveniences at my fingertips and then sit and whine how tired I am. *sigh* I’ll look at the pic and imagine, create scenes into stories with great admiration but I’m thankful we’ve come a long way from those days.

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